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       Scrap Cutting
       Burning tap holes
       Cutting ladle skulls
       Any burning where slag, dirt, brick, non-ferros or ferrous materials are found

 A 10'6" consumable thermal lance designed to economically cut, sever or burn holes through all types of ferrous and non ferrous metals and materials more efficiently and cleaner than any conventional bar of thermal lance on the market today.

    It efficiently cuts through all types of metals and materials such as copper, slag, steel, cast steel, cast iron, concrete and refractories.

The distinguishable feature of the burning bar is the double wall construction with a core of mild steel rods. This unique structure allows oxygen to flow freely around and also through the intercore, giving the following advantages over competitive bars in the same price class:

- 25% more work accomplished per bar

- Lasts 20% longer than conventional bars

- Outer wall acts as a shroud, greatly reducing spread of flame and splash-back on operator

- Uses less oxygen than conventional bars

There's no better choice than the unparalleled design of Caldo burning bars. Available in 11/16" O.D. (5/8" I.D.), in 10'6" lengths.

Standard single wall burning bars are also available in .625" O.D. with plain ends and .6875" O.D. with plain or expanded ends. Both in 10'6" lengths.

The most versatile burning bars available... cuts all types of metals and concrete.